Writing Guidance

I started my journey as an author in 2019 although I am not new to writing. I’ve been published in most of the leading newspapers in India and have written several articles and poems for internal publications. I have won gold medals in various categories at a country-wide level growing up.

Since you’ve clicked on this page, I guess you are interested in writing too. Here I have listed the process which, though not difficult, does take some effort and technique. Hopefully, my tips will make it easier for you to become a successful author and your books – worldwide best sellers.

The odds of becoming a best selling author

Becoming a world-wide best-selling author with your first book is like becoming a CEO in the company you joined as an intern – within the first year. Makes sense? There are a few people who are ‘young-in-the-field’ and achieve cult-like status, but how many of those are there? Any profession takes time to build and you achieve success in stages. Becoming an author is no exception. You have to treat it like any other career for increasing your odds of success. The more persistent you are, the higher the chance of success. Who knows, because of your writing skills, you may become a phenomenon with your first book, or maybe with your tenth.

How much money will you make?

For your first book: If you consider exceptions, then maybe you will make a MILLION in the first year. If you go by the average, you will make around one tenth of how much your car/bike costs – over the next ten years – do the math. A good ten percent of books sell less than 100 copies over their LIFETIME. Remember, you are a first-time author and people know nothing about your work (unless you are a celebrity). The battle has just begun for you. You have no reputation as an author, no network and the odds are stacked against you. Over six million books get published every year world-wide. Many of these are by well-reputed best-selling authors. What are the chances that someone will pick up a book by an unknown author out of the sea of other known ones? With distractions on the rise, reading as a habit has dwindled and people want to make sure the bucks they pay are worth the while. They will usually not take chances. Does that mean all hope is lost? No. You have two strategies. Come up with a brilliant one-of-its kind book or be persistent and write more. Resilience is the key.

Process of writing a book

The process of writing a book has several stages that I have detailed below. I found these distinct steps after painfully experiencing them myself. As a self-published author, I had to ideate, write, format, design and illustrate on my own. Now I have become quite adept at formatting and designing all types of books. Thankfully, in the publishing department, I got some amazing help from BIG publishers. Be prepared to spend a lot of time doing research on every topic.

  • Understanding the reason you want to write – hopefully not for money or you may end up with a bitter pill to swallow.
  • The IDEA or the THEME
  • Discipline and writing
  • Formatting
  • Publishing
  • Promoting
  • Writing again

To be continued…