Testimonial for The Core Fulcrum: An excellent narrative for a global audience with a plot that thickens unfolding unexpected twists throughout the book — Nagesh Narayana, Editor, International Business Times, Singapore Edition and Head of Editorial Planning and Strategy, IBT Media

Testimonial for The Core Fulcrum: I was quite amazed by the storytelling concept, very detailed and it’s like your imagination is pictured in front of my eyes while reading the book. It doesn’t feel like your first book either, you have done some brilliant work – Vimpy. Choudhary, Strategic Events

Testimonial for The Core Fulcrum: Once I started reading the book, I could not put the it down! It was the most unique and fascinating book I have read in recent times. The characters and scenes seemed so real, I felt I was experiencing the story firsthand. Kids and young adults will love this book! – Tania Varma (7th Grade Student)

Testimonial for The Core Fulcrum: Found the story very interesting and gripping. Can’t wait for the next book! – Pratibha Chowdary (Australia)

Testimonial for The Core Fulcrum: If you love animals and enjoy young adult books, you won’t be able to keep your hands off this one! I almost forgot the cats in the story weren’t human! My kids liked to read this adventurous, gripping story – Tushar Jain (Vet, Delhi)

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