Don’t get left behind. Learn first-hand from someone who has lead teams worldwide, working on these pioneering technologies in Fortune 100 companies for more than 20 years as a leader of Software Development and Engineering divisions.

Picture this scenario: you’re cycling to work and your bicycle suddenly reminds you that you left the lights on at home. In fact, it goes so far as to switch them off for you. It can also detect the carbon-footprint of the car passing by and send an alert. Too much carbon! Trucks that refuse to start when over-loaded, machines that not only alert you about maintenance, but order spare parts automatically, thereby saving many lives, the list goes on. This is already happening because of the power of Internet-Of-Things.

Imagine that you are jogging in the park and someone collapses due to a heart-attack in front of you. Quicker than the person can reach the ground, a metallic arm reaches out and rescues them, an air-drone-ambulance summoned to take them to the nearest hospital. Almost synchronously, the doctors at the hospital check the health record of the patient on their personal cloud, readying for the upcoming operation. An upgrade to that would be the robot providing first-aid in the park real-time, with instant access to the patient’s medical history. That is Robotics and Cloud Technology interwoven together.

Your business needs to micro-improve, because micro-improvements lead to macro differences in profits in the long run, but do you know how? Which product, in which region, at what time of the year, for which market segments sell the most? That is Business Intelligence for you. Understanding this topic well creates the crucial difference in gain or loss.

Why, you might be able to book a flight on a autonomous rocket to Mars using an app not too far in the future. A home-to-planet service. Just kidding, that would be way ahead in the future. These are just a couple of interesting scenarios showing how technology changes our world constantly. How we adapt our knowledge and expertise to that impetus, determines our trajectory.

An avid technologist for more than 20 years, Prashanti has been an active speaker and blogger on various technology topics. She has been a speaker at multiple external forums. Some of the topics that she has covered are:

  • Dynamic library creation for Windows
  • Creating Dynamic Javascript pages
  • An amazing world with Internet-of-Things
  • Big Data Usage in the Finance Industry, HackerEarth, Bangalore 2017 and international conference
  • Industrial Robotics: GraceHopper, Bangalore 2018

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