Mew Scape and Core FulcrumDefenders of Mew Scape and The Core Fulcrum
Enter a world where feline power rules. Goldie and Snowball live in Mew Scape, a magical land where they live like law-abiding citizens with special super powers. However, one day their power is threatened and it is up to the heroes to rescue their world from its doom. Will they succeed? Hilarious encounters, typical cat-like mannerisms with a human touch, thrill and adventure await you in the book.
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The Cerulean MonarchThe Cerulean Monarch (The Golden Cat Book 2)

It was a dark and freezing morning during winter. Ruthless invaders infiltrated a school in Mew Sienna and raided those objects most precious to them with the help of

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The Core FulcrumThe Core Fulcrum (A Novel)
(The Golden Cat Book 1)

Goldie and Snowball live in an enchanted world ruled by cats. They go to school, learn magical lessons and meet unusual creatures. They have super powers and