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Books Reviewed


A Day in the GardenA Day in the GardenStars4 Stars
Beautiful Illustrations
A Day in the Garden is a picture book filled with beautiful illustrations of a house in a garden. This book will fascinate a child.

**I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Arabella and the Magic Pencil
Stars4 StarsFascinating Colorful Story Book for Children
Arabella and the Magic Pencil is a picture book about a girl who has her parents and the beautiful house all to herself, until her little brother arrives.
She resents losing the ‘primary’ child position in the house and his demands for constant attention. So, she plots to have him removed from her life.
The illustrations are outstanding and will engage any young child. The words in places may be a level higher for the deemed audience.
I would have liked to have seen a couple pages in between the disappearance of the brother and her imminent regret. Overall the book is a fabulous read though.
Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone
Stars4 StarsA poetic, enchanting and scintillating Dragon Escape
Almost every chapter of this magical book starts with a mystical poem. The author creates a dazzling and enchanted scene in almost
every page. The story starts with the protagonists Suzie, Jack, Elena and Liam soaring towards Dragon Kingdown on their differently coloured dragons Thistlefire, Firesong, Starlight and Brightwing.
They meet the Dragon Queen Belakane for a mission to bring back the missing parts of The Wishing Stone that is rightfully theirs. Their quest takes them from the Dragon Castle, to an enchanted cave on a planet in Orion’s belt.
From there, they travel to the Enchanted Seas and the land of Faeries. They face difficult challenges in every land, although they have magical powers that assist them in each of these adventures, right till
they have a face-off with the evil Faeries queen. The book is stuffed with unusual and magical creatures and locations. Sometimes the mind can get a tad overwhelmed with the effervescence. However, a child will thoroughly enjoy this magical story book adventure.

Young Adult

I have a hunch
Stars4 StarsEnjoyable Murder Mystery
The story is about Alice, a young 13 year old teenager who
is sent to London to visit her uncle Humphrey who is a
well-known detective. Just as she reaches his office,
she is pulled into a murder mystery as his apprentice.
Victor Tymm, one of the richest people in town is found
murdered in his library. A member of the estate’s staff,
Miss Terry reports the crime to Mr. Humphrey.

The story’s pace is its advantage, it is so fast that we don’t
get to wait around for too long. From chapter to chapter,
a new twist engages you and you run with it. The quirky
sense of humour enhances the author’s descriptive language.
You tend to suspect all of Victor Tymm’s staff members, friends and associates.

From start to finish, this is an enjoyable who-dunnit and a perfect murder mystery for young adults.
**I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
Under The Mountain Boxed Set: (Books 1-3)
Under The Mountain
Stars4 StarsDelvina and Retza are twins that belong to the lost underground realm living in the deep caverns under the mountain.
One day, as they venture outside, they find a stranger. At first, they are afraid but soon realize it is
Zadeki, a young shapeshifter, who had flown into the side of the mountain due to the blizzard and injured himself.
He wants to return to the forest world at the foot of the mountain as soon as possible, but in his state, he cannot do it alone. He accompanies the twins into the
depths of the mountain. The three Novellas weave a story in between the worlds above and below the mountain and their challenges.
We see characters from many other worlds, making this quite an interesting meld. Some parts of the story are quite hard-hitting, including the ones about sacrifice and shortage of food.
The three protagonists work to rise through the ranks and try and save the underground realm.
Will they succeed in doing so ? This was an enjoyable YA adventure and only the first three Novellas of a series of five. The author’s world-building ability transported me to an entirely different world.
Looking forward to reading the remaining two Novellas.
Guardians of Dreamland
Quite a fascinating and unique fantasy book
Rafael is a sweet, gifted child who excels in football. He is the frequent target of bullies at school and often gets pummeled.
His mother and elder brother Lennart keep watch over him but one day, he is hit so badly, he ends up in coma.
He awakens in a dreamlike state in another land called Centisom, a plane between Dreamland and Earth. Dreamland is the place where a part of the astral bodies travel to during sleep.
Centisom is a place where they train those astral bodies of children in coma (on Earth) as Guardians of Dreamland. One day on Earth equates to six months on Centisom when it is off the grid.
The in-house Guardians with Medeor Demetriu as headmaster, train the little children in subjects like
Knowledge, Manifestation, Nurturing, Maintain and Healing. Each child there is blessed with two gifts.
Rafael’s first gift is of Manifestation (the ability to materialize anything and everything at will). His other gift shocks the Guardians so much, they swear themselves to secrecy.
Trees from Dreamland connect to the ones on planet Earth. However, due to the deforestation on Earth, Dreamland has developed hot spots and loss of connectivity.
Vicious enemies of dreamland in the form of Nightterrors and other foul creatures destroy the peace. How will Rafael along with his friends, Poppin and Maddox develop into Guardians themselves?
Will they be able to rescue dreamland against its downfall? 

Fantasy/Science Fiction


Get That JOBGet That JobStars
Great book for graduates and for those who are starting their career
The book gives a comprehensive and concise framework to prepare for a job interview
It lists all the phases of the interview process and follows it up with details of each step
Each phase enlists important tips to be fully prepared in terms of subject-expertise, behavior and interview content
The book also lists all the dos and don’ts
A must-have guide for anyone who has an upcoming job interview